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About Global IDEAS

Innovating, creating, learning, anticipating the future: Global IDEAS presents a novel higher education model for international development programming and scholarship.


Aligned with areas of MSU expertise—food and agriculture, environment/energy/water, health and nutrition, and education—Global IDEAS will serve as a nexus for interdisciplinary development expertise. Convening communities of practice on key development topics such as gender, scaling and entrepreneurship, human and institutional capacity development, resilience, and monitoring and evaluation, the platform will cultivate domestic and international partnerships and serve as a campus resource for the international development community.


Global IDEAS will provide expertise and resources to facilitate access to funding from the U.S. government, foundations, bilateral and multilateral organizations, foreign governments, and non-profit and for-profit entities. Ultimately, linkages among Global IDEAS personnel, MSU faculty, collaborating partners, and the broader international development community will serve as a conduit for co-creation of high-quality programming, groundbreaking research, and innovative solutions to the world's most pressing challenges.