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International Data Analytics

Our International Analytics Team

Under the auspices of ISP leadership, Global IDEAS has been tasked with identifying key challenges to and opportunities for the growth and expansion of international studies and programs. Our team has since expanded to include a data scientist and economist to identify key challenges to our strategy.

Our Services

We provide support to departments/units, faculty, and research administrators, such as: 

  • Data and Analytics Support
  • Capacity Assessment and Development
  • Data Literacy Training
  • Business Intelligence Solutions

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Our Public Dashboards

Global IDEAS provides a collection of public dashboards offering insights into the scope and scale of its international activities. The dashboards compile data across several key areas, including the extent and impact of MSU's research projects with international funding, the demographics and trends in international student enrollment, the nature and number of study abroad programs, and the breadth of international agreements in place. They also showcase collaborative efforts in international research, tracking joint publications with global institutions. Designed for accessibility and transparency, these dashboards serve as critical tools for understanding MSU's global engagement, reflecting the university's deep commitment to international education and its role in addressing global challenges. 


Our Business Intelligence Tools

Regional Awards Report

Our Regional Awards Reports is an interactive platform, powered by Tableau Dashboards, which enables users to explore international projects and programs over time and gain valuable insights into the variety of awards based on their titles, country, theme, college, and funders. Users can also search by country to discover the number of unique projects, identify the faculty members involved in research, and find out the total awarded amounts. 


USAID Business Forecast

Every quarter, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) releases its latest business forecast. This dashboard serves as a valuable tool for interpreting potential opportunities within the forecast. Our goal is to identify opportunities that align with our expertise and faculty interests at Michigan State University (MSU). We utilize data from MSU sources, such as the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) and Global IDEAS's faculty interest database, to create a dynamic, data-driven view of USAID opportunities. Explore how we leverage our experience and research footprint to prioritize and pursue initiatives that make a global impact.

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Don't have access to our BI Tools? 

Our Business Intelligence tools are for MSU faculty and research administrators only. You can request access to one or all of our tools here. If you have any questions, please email: isp.internationaldata(at)