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Business Intelligence Tools

Our Business Intelligence Tools

Our BI tools are robust, data-driven platforms that provide comprehensive analytics and reporting capabilities to support decision-making across international studies and programs. These tools draw on a vast array of university data, offering granular insights into research expenditures, funding patterns, and academic outcomes. With user-friendly dashboards, faculty and staff can visualize trends, drill down into specifics, and generate custom reports. By facilitating a deep understanding of the university's operational strengths and areas for growth, Global IDEAS's BI tools are invaluable for strategic planning and enhancing the university's research and educational mission. These tools are not only instrumental in tracking progress towards MSU's ambitious goals but also in fostering an environment where data transparency underpins strategic initiatives and academic excellence.

Regional Awards Report

Our Regional Awards Reports is an interactive platform, powered by Tableau Dashboards, which enables users to explore international projects and programs over time and gain valuable insights into the variety of awards based on their titles, country, theme, college, and funders. Users can also search by country to discover the number of unique projects, identify the faculty members involved in research, and find out the total awarded amounts. 


USAID Business Forecast

Every quarter, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) releases its latest business forecast. This dashboard serves as a valuable tool for interpreting potential opportunities within the forecast. Our goal is to identify opportunities that align with our expertise and faculty interests at Michigan State University (MSU). We utilize data from MSU sources, such as the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) and Global IDEAS's faculty interest database, to create a dynamic, data-driven view of USAID opportunities. Explore how we leverage our experience and research footprint to prioritize and pursue initiatives that make a global impact.

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Don't have access to our BI Tools? 

Our Business Intelligence tools are for MSU faculty and research administrators only. You can request access to one or all of our tools here. If you have any questions, please email: isp.internationaldata(at)