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This section contains the key instructions to interact with the International Data dashboards.

Dashboard Instructions.JPG

A – This section represents the different tabs available in the dashboard. Each tab has a different segment or view of the data; click on each tab to navigate between the tabs.

B – This section contains the main data or the visualization of a particular tab of the dashboard. Hover and click actions might increase interactability in these sections as and when applicable.

C – This section consists of all the filters that one can apply to the data to change the visualization partly or fully as needed. Filter options might be in the form of checkboxes, sliders, dropdown etc.

D – This section can be used to click on the button to toggle from visualization to the data tab of the dashboard. This action can also be alternatively done by clicking the required tab name in Section A of the dashboard.

E – This section can be used to download the dashboard data in different file formats.

F – The revert button can be used to reset all filters or go back to the original state in a dashboard.


The dashboard might take up to a few seconds to reflect the latest data while interacting with the dashboard. Please refresh the webpage in case the dashboard is unresponsive. Data assumptions for all the dashboards can be found here.