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Michigan State University has a global presence of research, capacity building, and scholarship around the world.

Bolstered by a high concentration of international faculty, Michigan State University has experience with projects in all corners of the globe. With a wide array of international work funded by a diverse set of donors, MSU has successfully partnered with organizations and institutions of all sizes.

Map: MSU External Sponsored Research Projects by Region 2007-2016. Africa 353 projects. Asia 269 projects. Americas 216 projects. Europe 139 projects. Oceania 14 projects. Global/Multi-Regional 317 projects. Number of External Sponsored Research Projects Performed by MSU Personnel by Region, Fiscal Years 2007-2016.

Note: "Global" projects include both global and multi-regional projects. Figures do not include projects only conducted in the United States.


Michigan State University has a long history of working on issues important to Africa and partnering with African institutions to improve the quality of life on the continent.


Michigan State University has built strong relationships and faculty expertise throughout all regions of Asia.

Latin America & the Caribbean

From agriculture and health to post-conflict development, Michigan State University has collaborated with Latin American partners in a wide range of disciplines.