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Thematic Areas

While Michigan State University has robust expertise and experience in a wide range of thematic areas, MSU's international focus is on four main themes.

Food & Agriculture

Dating back to its founding, Michigan State University's roots are grounded in strong expertise in food and agricultural sciences. MSU faculty is composed of the foremost experts in crop and soil sciences, agricultural economics, animal science, and more, with decades of experience in research, teaching, and capacity building.

Environment, Energy, & Water

From preserving biodiversity to developing tomorrow's energy sources, Michigan State University faculty have the expertise and experience to engineer the future.

Health & Nutrition

Along with extensive training programs for physicians and nurses, Michigan State University is actively engaged in international medical research and applied medicine.

Education & Engagement

Michigan State University has several of the top education programs in the United States. This distinction, along with an emerging research profile, makes MSU a global leader in the fields of education.